Business owners understand the importance of diversification since relying too heavily on a single customer or industry is not a good business strategy.

VEB M.E is an engineering firm that provides design solutions to a diverse range of customers' needs. The company's various services are demonstrated by designing and manufacturing industrial, beverage, and food-grade conveyors and manufacturing balustrades for industrial tanks.

Their 2 000m2 facility reveals the extent of their diversity. Mills, lathes, and fibre laser profiling machines feature among their equipment in addition to press brakes, rollers, welders, bandsaws, and more. However, it is not the equipment that truly distinguishes this 75-person company. The diversification and expansion of machining and fabrication capabilities have partly been fuelled by adherence to a single central concept – that every part has its own identity. It is shaped in a specific way at a particular point in time with a particular set of resources and customer requirements that ensures its more cost-effective than any other option. Finding the identity of each component is a distinct strength of VEB M.E.'s business.

While the company was founded on manufacturing conveyor belt systems for the food and beverage industries, it has successfully diversified its industrial offerings. They have a proven track record with some larger firms in South Africa and beyond, including:

  • Astral Foods
  • Cast Products
  • Coca Cola
  • Dewcrisp Farms
  • Enterprise Foods
  • Eskort (South Africa’s leading pork manufacturer)
  • Irvines Zimbabwe
  • Marel Foods
  • New Concept Mining
  • Omaruru Namibia
  • Pick n Pay
  • Rainbow Chicken
  • Rossouw Meat and several other abattoirs
  • Scaw Metals
  • Super Spar
  • Tiger Brands
  • Xstrata Alloys
  • Yume Sushi


Bodor fibre laser

Sheet metal fibre laser cutting and profiling are quickly becoming the company's bread and butter processing service. A Bodor P3015 3kW fibre laser was installed in April 2021, replacing the company's CO2 laser, and in November 2021, they installed a second Bodor fibre laser. The second Bodor fibre laser is a larger format in terms of table size and cutting power. The new generation of fibre laser is faster, ensuring VEB M.E. can offer a competitive solution to their customers even as resource costs increase. In addition, the machines are more comprehensive and accurate, producing consistently high-quality products in large quantities.

A continuous supply of nitrogen gas is used as a blanket to prevent burning during the laser-cutting process. The purity of the gas is critical in preventing discolouration of laser-cut edges and providing a high-quality finish. Once they invested in the two new Bodor fibre laser machines, they purchased a nitrogen generator to further manage their production costs.

Stainless steel currently accounts for 35% of VEB M.E.'s material profiling and cutting, and they intend to increase this as they grow. Because of its inherent corrosion resistance, stainless steel is widely used in the food industry. In addition, the material can be formed into complex shapes. Furthermore, it can be cleaned and sterilised without deterioration and adds no colour or flavour, making it ideal for the food industry. The 12kW Bodor fibre laser machines can cut material up to 30 mm thick, far exceeding the company’s previous capability.

The main reason for investing in the two Bodor fibre laser machines was to improve their overall efficiencies and productivity.


Other products and services

While the company is looking for growth in laser profiling and cutting, their greatest strength is all the other services they provide. They are not limited to a single industry or manufacturing sector, having supplied engineering solutions for a wide range of applications.

VEB M.E. has five full-time designers to design and simulate customer requirements using 3D AutoDesk Inventor Suite software before the manufacturing process begins. This reduces the assembly and installation time, particularly for one-of-a-kind designs and projects. In addition, this department is heavily involved in electrical design if required for the product.

When laser cutting isn’t required, the company offers press brake bending on an Amada machine, cut-to-length with two Everising bandsaws, machining on lathes and machining centres, fettling, welding, shot blasting of mild steel components, bead blasting of stainless steel components, fabrication, and assembly.


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